Icefilms Kodi Add-on – Watch Movies and TV Shows on Kodi

The entertainment industry is one of the largest, with the movie and TV sectors performing very well. This is because many people resort to the watching of movies and TV shows for relaxation. Some may even be called movie and TV addicts. This is because of the vast array of movies that are available today. With the digital era, this industry has grown immensely since now people have the choice of downloading or streaming movies. It has become quite convenient since these movies and TV shows can be streamed for free. All you need is to stream movies that are still in theatres firestick 2018.

Some people wonder how sites such as Icefilms Kodi Add-on make their money if the sites are offering free access to movies of all genres. Most of the sites that offer free movie streaming are supported by advertisements. You still get to enjoy your movies for free anytime, and they make their money through the adverts that run on their site. It is a win for everyone.

When you go to Icefilms Kodi for your movie watching pleasure, you are treated to a list of movies on exodus. If you are a lover of series, you will have access to the most recent as well as your all-time favourite. The same can be said of movies, kids’ shows and other shows that you find appealing.

Advantages of streaming movies

icefilms kodi

You get new releases first

After the release of a movie, it usually takes sometime before it hits the theatres. By the time you get to watch it, sometimes other releases are out, and you find yourself with a backlog of movies to watch. Watching movies as soon as they are released means you are part of the hype that usually comes with a new release especially a well-advertised film.

Equal opportunity to critic a movie

Movie critics tend to get to you before the movie does if you do not stream it. Often, the critics either overhype a movie or they give a low opinion which tends to affect your opinion of the movie even before you get the chance of watching it. Find out how to watch free movies on amazon fire stick especially new movies so that you can give your honest opinion without it being corrupted by movie critics.

It is free

If you were to watch a movie in the theatres, it would cost you money. If you were to rent the movie, it would still cost you money. If you are paying for internet, why should you pay more for watching movies? Simply stream it, and you will be able to incur the same cost you always incur with your internet connection.

Icefilms Kodi gives you the opportunity to stream movies, and this gives you the opportunity to always be in the know of everything that is happening in the movie industry. Icefilms also give you the opportunity to download movies.

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Advantages of downloading movies

Access to classic movies

Downloading movies means you have access to movies you loved years ago, even those that were released during the VHS era. You now have them digitally available for you to watch whenever you wish to.

Cheaper than renting movies

Downloading movies, especially if you have fast, reliable internet is cheaper than if you had to go out and rent the movie you wish to. You can also get firestick free movies 2018 of different genres at the same time and save them for watching later.

Less clutter

If you ever rented movies in DVDs, you know how it feels when you are done watching it, and you wonder what to do with the disc. Eventually, you collect so many of them, yet you never repeat the movie you have watched. Not because you do not want to, but the process of locating the one DVD among many is enough to discourage you.

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Reasons why you should choose Icefilms for your movie needs

User-friendly interface

Although Icefilms has a lot to offer, the information is presented in a friendly manner that is easy to manoeuvre without feeling confused with the process. There are so many genres available for everyone depending on your interest. You do not have to be a computer geek to be able to use the interface on this site.

Large collection of movies

Icefilms understands your need to be updated with all the new movies and series released. This is why you will always find the latest collection of movies that will keep you entertained. You will also have a collection of classic movies that you always wanted to keep for when you are hit with nostalgia. You can stream movies that are still in theatres firestick as well as download them so that you can have access to them whenever you need to watch them again.

Streaming of full movies

Very many sites would show you the trailer for the movie and direct you to download it or rent it. Icefilms brings you the entire movie, so you get to stream the entire movie length without being left hungry for more as is usually the case with some movie sites which give you a taste of the movies. Worse, is that sometimes, it takes a couple of weeks before the full movie will even be available for you to download.

Download and stream specific scenes

Icefilms gives you the opportunity to stream and download specific movie scenes if you are not interested in the entire film. You are given specific links for specific scenes. This comes in handy if you are merely interested in a specific scene rather than the entire movie. Sometimes you need to know how to watch free movies on firestick and learn how to download it so that you can watch it later. It is now possible with Icefilms movies.

Conversion of images

If there is an image you like in the movies you watched, you can get that movie and even convert it to a resolution that suits the gadget you are using. You do not have to know the resolutions. All you need to know is what gadget you are using or the one you need to store the image. Icefilms will direct you to the right image resolution and with the easy steps provided you will be able to get it done quite quickly.


Although it is easy to assume everyone is visiting the Icefilms site knows what to do, it has not been taken for granted that some people will need to be guided. This is why there is a tutorial available for those who feel they need further guidance on how to use specific functions. Very few sites give you this opportunity to learn how to do certain things such as streaming movies online.

Popular movies

Icefilms gives you firestick movies list of the most sought-after movies. This can be an excellent guide so that you do not go scrolling through the available list. You can easily tell which movies are trending and if you like being in the know with everyone else, you get to watch the movie without wasting time debating on which one to watch without this guide.

High definition movies

Very many sites do not have the option of downloading or streaming your movies in HD. Icefilms has made it necessary to include this option so that people who are keen to watch movies in HD, they can do so easily using Icefilms.


Music lovers have not been left behind. Icefilms takes care of all your entertainment needs. You are still able to listen to your favourite ballads at the comfort of your home. The quality of music is as good as that of the movies.

List of trusted online movie sites

Icefilms gives you a list of credible streaming sites such as Netflix. With Icefilms you have a choice of your preferred movie provider depending on your perception. What is important is for you to have the chance to choose your favourite site and if you need a change, you have many options from where you should make your choice.

With the internet, everything has been made more accessible and more affordable. You can now stream your movies online without worrying about added costs. You can also use best apps for jailbroken firestick for your movie streaming on your mobile phone. Entertainment no longer has to be an expensive affair. The speed of your internet is essential if you want to minimise the buffering of movies you are watching.

If you have slow internet speeds, you may opt for downloading, which will take time but may be more favourable to streaming yet being unable to watch the movie due to constant interruptions. Whichever your choice, watching your movies online is a worthwhile venture as now you do not have to save money for when you should go to the cinema to watch a new release. You can invite your friends over and still have as much fun streaming movies from the comfort of your home.